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What is Xest?

Xest is a light-weight Javascript API framework built by Cyprus Codes. It allows you build to REST APIs in the fastest way possible.

  • ✅ Use ExpressJS for building endpoints
  • ✅ Rich utility and database interaction library
  • ✅ Development ready Dockerized MySQL setup
  • ✅ Built-in authentication and role based authorization
  • ✅ Easy learning curve if you are familiar with JavaScript
  • ✅ Xest CLI helps you to generate SQL queries, API endpoints, database migrations, and seed data.

Xest framework is built on top of Express.js, which is one of the most popular Node.js libraries. It takes a “convention over configuration” approach which means developers are not required to configure anything by themselves, as Xest comes with sane defaults for everything ranging from local development environment, to testing, to deployment, and many other aspects.

When a Xest project is created, a default project structure is created. If you follow the established conventions, you can develop a web application in much less time than you would need developing a similar web application.


Before starting to use this framework you will need to understand what server side web programming and web frameworks are. A general knowledge of programming concepts and JavaScript is highly recommended, but not essential to understanding the core concepts.